Roads and Pavements

  • A515.  

The turning bans at Wood End Lane, Lichfield; the junction of the A515 with the A513 at Kings Bromley and at the junction of Town Hill with the A515 in Yoxall are now in place. Appropriate signage in place to warn drivers of vehicles over 7.5t that they must not turn at certain points.

A number of hauliers are ignoring the bans and if anyone sees HCV’s disregarding the signs, please report registration, time, date and name of haulier to the local police. Photographic evidence where possible will be extremely useful.

All relevant transport and commercial companies in the area have been advised including those operating from the Derbyshire quarries.

There has been a police presence on several occasions preventing lorries from turning at Wood End Lane and at the junction with the A513 in Kings Bromley. This is most welcome.

Local businesses who cannot make reasonable adjustments to their operations will be asked to state why they should be exempted and a permit system may thereafter be put into operation. We are in discussions with one local fuel business for whom the bans are proving to be a problem. Together with the police and Staffs Highways, we will look to find a solution.

“Yoxall Gateway Project”:

HS2 have been successfully petitioned to make improvements to Wood End Lane, after which the road would be re-classified as an A or B road, with the intention of reclassifying the A513 and B5016 to enable weight limits to be imposed thereafter.

Now the “turning ban project” has been completed, proposals agreed under the “Yoxall gateway project” will soon be implemented. They include:

  • A 40 mph buffer zone on the A515 Northern approach to Yoxall.
  • Extension of the 30 mph speed limit at the Northern and Southern ends of the village.
  • Gateway features on the entrances to Yoxall to slow down traffic.
  • Re-painting of the white lines on the A515 through Yoxall.

In addition, Staffs C.C. have stated that once the “Yoxall Gateway Project” has been completed and data has been collected, a feasibility study will be undertaken to assess the dangers posed by motorists entering the village at speed and driving directly across the island at Alexandra Drive without slowing down.

B5016 – FULL ROAD CLOSURE.  remains in force from Yoxall to Barton to enable the sewer works to be completed as quickly and as safely as possible.

Access to properties and businesses is being maintained, but that access will be from one side or the other of the road closure, depending on where the work is taking place.

There has been a knock-on effect with a deterioration in the road and verges in the lane from the Forresters to Dunstall Cross Roads. Staffs Highways have been informed and will look at the damage. We will monitor the situation.

The good news is that work is ahead of schedule and will hopefully be completed by the end of March.

STATE OF PAVEMENTS IN FERRERS ROAD.   Some repairs have been completed. Following advice from Staffs C.C., residents are again urged to report any concerns that they may have with the state of the pavements. The same applies to residents in other roads within the village.

To report an issue and seek to have repaid carried out by Staffs C.C., go on Staffordshire County Councils website. On the “Home” page and in the top right hand corner, you will see A to Z index. Click here and on the next page, you will see the alphabet. Click on H for Highways and you will be taken through to that page. There are a series of sub-sections including one re. pavements. Click here and then follow the instructions to report the matter.

Or alternatively, to report highway issues such as:

· Potholes
· Highway drainage
· Hedgerows / trees / grass cutting
· Street lights
· Speeding
· Road safety
· Parking issues (contact

As well other matters, please visit:

Alternatively, you can call 0300 111 8000 to talk to an advisor for all the above topics or report defects via the MyStaffs App (available from Google Play and App Store).