Roads and Pavements

  • A515 – UPDATE.

It is almost 4 months since the turning bans at Wood End Lane, Lichfield; the junction of the A515 with the A513 at Kings Bromley and at the junction of Town Hill with the A515 in Yoxall have been in place. Having seen a recent increase in HCV movements, a meeting was called and attended by your parish councillors. Also at the meeting were representatives of Staffs Police, Staffs Highways and Kings Bromley P.C. where the meeting was held.

It was pontied out to the police representatives that certain hauliers are still ignoring the bans – for example – container lorries travelling to and from Marchington Ind. Est. and independent hauliers. We have had some success with other hauliers – e.g. Palletways where we approached the police with evidence of contraventions. In turn the police visited Palletways and reminded them of their responsibilities. We have not seen a Palletways HCV travelling through Yoxall since.

As all relevant transport and commercial companies in the area were advised of the bans including those operating from the Derbyshire quarries, we will continue to monitor and are to advise the police of peak times when HCV’s travel through the villages. This will take a little time to put together but will be used by the police thereafter to target offenders.

There was a police presence on Sunday, 26th May at the junction of the A515 with the A513 at Kings Bromley, with lorries being refused access to the A513. A further operation was carried out on 15th June. Such operations will continue as and when manpower is available. In addition, we have seen patrol cars travelling through the villages on a regular basis.

The P.C. is in regular contact with Staffs Police and continues to provide regular updates/details of offenders.

Going forward, we await data in September to determine the success of these measures. It is estimated that there has been a c60% reduction overall in HCV movements with night time activity below that figure.

YOXALL COMMUNITY SPEED WATCH OPERATIONAL- will provide a further deterrent to motorists speeding through the village. Speed watch is about awareness which will make our village safer.

As a result of this initiative, Yoxall has joined a County wide speed awareness campaign. If you have any queries, please approach the teams. If you are interested in joining the Community Speed Watch team, just ask one of the team members, who are clearly recognisable by their designated yellow, high visibility jackets.

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