Roads and Pavements

  • A515 – UPDATE.
  • It is almost 6 months since the turning bans were introduced along the A515 and there has been a significant reduction in HCV numbers, estimated at c60%. We await actual statistics to be produced as at the end of Sept to confirm.
  • It is a pity we don’t have stats relating to reductions achieved, immediately after implementation of the bans as there would appear to have been a gradual increase in HCV movements since May.
  • Details of peak times and regular offenders have been provided to Staffs Police with the suggestion that future police operations are linked to the data.

At a recent Parish Council Meeting in Kings Bromley, to which we were invited, we were disappointed to learn that the police are unable to use the majority of camera footage supplied re. offenders, for a number of reasons.
Have asked for mobile cameras to be placed at the North end of the village, to deter speeding motorists and HCV drivers. Cited a number of dangerous instances and again provided statistics re. peak periods.
Following info. Supplied by the Chairman, we contacted the police re. Palletways who were contravening the turning bans.

The police spoke to the Transport Manager at Palletways and in the main the offences have dropped off. That said, with no actual deterrent, HCV drivers will soon return to their old ways.

Our colleagues in Kings Bromley are key to ongoing HCV reductions. Both Wood End Lane and the A513/515 junction come under K.B. P.C’s area of influence.
Measures need to be taken to physically stop HCV drivers contravening the turning bans.
A Working Group meeting of the 3 Parish Councils situated along the A515 has been arranged for later in the month. Will be putting forward proposals for dealing with offenders and actions that the 3 P.C’s may be able to take, with police approval.
We have asked Staffs Highways to consider signage just off the A50, on the A515 giving advanced warning that there are turning restrictions along the route.

The P.C. is in regular contact with Staffs Police and continues to provide regular updates/details of offenders.

POTHOLES IN PAVEMENTS: pleased to see that a number of residents have taken advantage of the opportunity to have potholes in front of their houses filled in. Residents just need to go on Staffs C.C. website and find appropriate section (Potholes).

YOXALL COMMUNITY SPEED WATCH OPERATIONAL- will provide a further deterrent to motorists speeding through the village. Speed watch is about awareness which will make our village safer.

As a result of this initiative, Yoxall has joined a County wide speed awareness campaign. If you have any queries, please approach the teams. If you are interested in joining the Community Speed Watch team, just ask one of the team members, who are clearly recognisable by their designated yellow, high visibility jackets.

Alternatively, you can call 0300 111 8000 to talk to an advisor for all the above topics or report defects via the MyStaffs App (available from Google Play and App Store).