Minutes and Accounts.


Our responsibility for ensuring that there is a sound system of internal control, including arrangements for the preparation of the Accounting Statements. We confirm, to the best of our knowledge and belief, with respect to the Accounting Statements for the year ended 31 March 2018, that:

  1. We have put in place arrangements for effective financial management during the year, and for the preparation of financial accounting statements.  YES.
  2. We maintained an adequate system of internal control including measures designed to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and reviewed its effectiveness.  YES.
  3. We took all reasonable steps to assure ourselves that there are no matters of actual or potential non-compliance with laws, regulations and Proper Practices that could have a significant financial effect on the ability of this authority to conduct its business or manage its finances.  YES.
  4. We provided proper opportunity during the year for the exercise of ‘electors’ rights in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts and Audit Regulations.  YES.
  5. We carried out an assessment of the risks facing this authority and took appropriate steps to manage those risks, including the introduction of internal controls and/or external insurance cover where required. YES.
  6. We maintained throughout the year an adequate and effective system of internal audit of the accounting records and control systems. YES.
  7. We took appropriate action on all matters raised in reports from internal and external audit. YES.
  8. We considered whether any litigation, liabilities or commitments, events or transactions, occurring either during or after the year-end, have a financial impact on this authority and, where appropriate, have included them in the accounting statements.  YES.
  9. Trust Funds including charitable. In our capacity as the sole managing trustee we discharged our accountability responsibilities for the fund(s)/assets, including financial reporting and if required, independent examination of audit. N/A.

The Annual Governance Statement is approved by this authority and recorded as minute reference 145.

Dated 7/6/18. Signed by the Chairman and Clerk of the Meeting where approval is given.

                                                                                                     Year ending

                                                                                     31 March 2017       31 March 2018

  1. Balances brought Forward                                               3,005                    17,483
  2. (+) Precept or Rates and Levies                                     25,000                    26,368
  3. (+) Total other receipts                                                   34,622                    22,839
  4. (-) Staff costs                                                                    9,135                      9,262
  5. (-) Loan interest/capital repayments                                   838                        838
  6. (-) All other payments                                                    35,171                   45,597
  7. (=) Balances carried forward                                          17,483                   10,993
  8. Total value of cash and short term investments              17,483                   10,993

9.  Total fixed assets plus long term investments and assets  335,080               337,102

10. Total borrowings                                                                4,751                      4,184

I certify that for the year ended 31 March 2018 the Accounting Statements and Annual Governance and Accountability Return present fairly the financial position of this authority and its income and expenditure, or properly present receipts and payments, as the case may be.

Signed by the Responsible Financial officer – Minute Reference 146 dated 7/6/18.



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday, 4th April 2019 at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall, King Street, Yoxall.

Present: P Hughes, J Williams, R Keys, D Hall, A Grandfield, P Bailey, M Arch, P Kitt and D Muir

Also Present: J Jessel, A Johnson, Two Members of the Public, R Young, Clerk to the Council



The Chairman, P Hughes, mentioned the following:-

  • End of Financial Year – Statement to be given at the Annual Parish Meeting.
  • Election –Nominations passed to ESBC.
  • Picture/Collage – Nigel Waterhouse
  • Sitting Bench for Bus Shelter – Quotation obtained.
  • Awaiting reply from the Post Office.
  • Details of photographs dated 1900 approximately.
  • Update regarding Church Gate on East Side including moving wall.
  • Nine volunteers for Speedwatch – received training last week.
  • Received enquiry to include Liability Insurance for the Fete on the Parish Council Policy.Cover can only be included when the Parish Council organise Fete.
  • Dementia Awareness 20thMay – 26thMay 2019.
  • Ironman – 9thJune 2019.
  • Litter Pick this month.

2)      DECLARATION OF INTEREST to be made when subject is discussed or received during the meeting.


It was proposed, seconded and agreed to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on the 7thMarch 2019, subject to one amendment as follows:-

Chairman’s Announcements  Delete: Trueman  Include:   Truman

Resolved: To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on the 7thMarch 2019, subject to one amendment.  

4)      MATTERS ARISING No matters were raised.


  • Grace and Andrew Mountjoy raised concerns regarding the open space on the Lioncourt, St Peters Way development. R Keys gave a detailed outline of what is planned when the said land is transferred to the Parish Council.


a) Report of County Councillor J Jessel               

  • Highways – Meeting with R Rayson on the impact of the reduction in HGV’s. Three organisations have said they have difficulties. The County Council to respond formally requesting details.
  • Nine Speedwatch volunteers trained in Yoxall.
  • Planned to undertake a traffic survey to be undertaken during September/October 2019.
  • Received requests for Signage on the A38.
  • Village Gateways to highlight speed limits to be installed 15thApril 2019.
  • P Bailey asked if details of the new traffic scheme were in several languages.
  • M Arch said some problems experienced by MSC Transport. Details to be forwarded to Staffordshire Police.
  • b) Report of Borough Councillor A Johnson
  • Reviewing Public Space Protection Order (Churchyard).
  • J Williams confirmed dogs on a tight lead allowed in the Churchyard on the footpath.Signage is correct.
  • A Johnson to enquire at ESBC regarding signage for Goose Green.

8)      PLANNING

  1. Planning Applications Received              PAP/2019/00227. 51 Lightwood Road, Yoxall. Residential extension.

PAP/2019/00163. Land adjacent Bridgefield, Sudbury        Road, Yoxall

Erection of a building for the storage of equine feed and bedding and agricultural machinery and implements.

  • PAP/2019/00305. Land at Hunters Croft Wood, Yoxall. Erection of an agricultural building for the housing of cows and formation of hardstanding.
  • P/2019/00324. Old Police House, Main Street, Yoxall. Felling of Goat Willow (T1) and reduce Yew Tree (T2) back to original reduction by 2.
  • Other Planning Matters
  • R Keys gave update regarding Wayleave Agreement by Millenium Sign, Goose Green. More detail required.
  • P Hughes gave details of gates to the rear of properties which are adjacent to Goose Green.P Hughes to write to Builder on this matter.



  • BT Openreach Wayleave Agreement.
  • J Jessel – Needwood Division Action from January 2019 Meeting.
  • Staffordshire History Centre Update – March 2019.
  • Staffordshire Ironman Update.
  • Mazars – Audit Date.
  • Staffordshire Police – Richard Lymer – Annual Leave.
  • Sovereign Design Play Systems Limited – Direct Debit Instruction.
  • My Staffordshire Newsletter – April 2019.
  • SPCA – Bulletin.


a) Open Spaces  No matters reported.

b) Village Amenities  

  • Councillors reviewed the options for a seat in the bus shelter.
  • It was proposed (J Williams), seconded (M Arch) to have a Bus Shelter seat at a 45° angle.For: 3   Against: 5
  • It was proposed (P Kitt), seconded (D Muir) to have a level bench in the Bus Shelter.For: 5   Against: 3

Resolved: To install a level bench in the Bus Shelter.

  • War Memorial – Agreed Poppies could be left at the Memorial until 1st
  • c) Roads and Pavements

M Arch reported the following:-

  • Town Hill work to be completed by mid-April 2019.
  • Complained to J Jessel regarding R Rayson – written three times regarding Gateway Project – no reply.
  • Outlined concerns regarding issues at traffic island.
  • d) Village Hall No matters reported.
  • e) Best Kept Village Competition

A Grandfield reported the following:-

  • Spoke to Mothers Union yesterday who was very receptive.  Theme for the year “Listen – Observe – Action”.  Asked how they could help with BKV.
  • P Hughes confirmed purchased new boarding for Posters.
  • Village Clean-Up – Large and small Posters to be available for Clean-Up on the 27thApril 2019 (9.00am-12.00pm)
  • It was agreed to purchase two more railing planters for the School Railings. P Hughes commented the railings condition needs attention.
  • f) FootpathsP Bailey gave details of hedge cutting on footpath at Lyndale (House).
  • g) Website
  • Mike Arch reported work undertaken to improve Website layout. Favourable comments received.      
  • h) Burial Ground
  • Plaque for Maldwyn Hawksworth to be installed on bench. Councillors to attend official event.  Buffet to be arranged.
  • i) Ferrers Field
  • P Kitt reported Inspection to be undertaken first week of May 2019. Ken’s Countryside Landscapes confirmed all work to be completed by end of April 2019.
  • j) Riverside Regeneration D Muir mentioned the following:-
  • EDRF Grant Funding (£20k) – Six weeks after application on reviewing Ecological Impact of Scheme, decided not to progress our application. Contacted EDRF requesting a review of the decision. Need to demonstrate habitat improvement for seven years.  Will apply again plus with assistance of Charles Truman will apply to “Awards for All and Veolia Scheme”.

10)   WISH LIST  P Bailey reported the following:-

  • Updated Wish List.
  • P Hughes requested Bus Shelter seating and Picture Frame for the Collage to be added to List.
  • Helen Allen in principle to go ahead and produce collage.
  • Yoxall Fete to be held on the 15thJune 2019 – Need help and assistance.


  • A Grandfield commented the Risk Assessment for the Playground Area needs to be reviewed on completion of work.

12)               APPROVAL OF CHEQUES



04/04/19 505531 ESBC Cemetery Rates 122.71
04/04/19 505532 R Young (Paid SSW Account) 105.30
04/04/19 505533 ESBC – Litter Bins 410.93
04/04/19 505534 Yoxall RBL 16.00
04/04/19 505535 R Young 256.16
04/04/19 505536 V Shorthouse 322.32
04/04/19 505537 HMRC (PAYE) 204.60
04/04/19 505538 Vernon C Wright 432.58
04/04/19 505539 P Bailey – Laminating plus inks 51.00





Resolved: To issue the above cheques.


 Date of Next MeetingTuesday, 14thMay 2019.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

P Hughes (Chairman)


YOXALL PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday, 3rd May 2018 at 7.00pm in the Parish Hall, King Street, Yoxall

Present: P Hughes, J Williams, R Keys, A Grandfield, S Tringham, K Ingram, D Hall, P Bailey D.Muir and M Arch. Also Present: Cnty C’llor J Jessel, Brgh C’illor A Johnson. Thirty One Members of the Public. R Young, Clerk to the Council.


1) MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON 27TH April 2017 were approved as a true and correct record.

2) MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES  No matters were raised.

3)PARISH COUNCIL’S CHAIRMAN’S REPORT.  The Chairman, P Hughes, reported the following:-

I usually start my reports by thanking people and this report will be no different. I will start with special thanks to Gerald and Veronica Shorthouse for their wonderful service looking after our Village Hall. Very sadly Gerald passed away on Friday, 20th April. Our thoughts and condolences go to Veronica and their family.

Thanks go to Councillors Alan Johnson, our Borough Councillor, and Julia Jessell our County Councillor who help to keep Yoxall ticking along. They are a constant contact between Borough and County Council, which affords the Village excellent access to funds for maintenance and fulfilling elements of the wish list. They also represent the community’s interest when required for ongoing initiatives such as planning and developments.

My fellow Parish Councillors (in no particular order);- Bob Keys for his exceptional work on planning. There have been some tough times recently and it is thanks to Bob that the Village interests have been protected.

John Williams for his versatility in looking after our amenities, including the Village Hall and for his links with the Sports Club. Sarah Tringham and Kay Ingram for their work regarding footpaths, and development for the Village leaflet for walks.

David Hall for looking after the open spaces. He has been diligent in overseeing Milholme Pingle, pushing along the barrier requirements for the old A515 and representing the Council at county level for issues regarding HGV usage of the A515.

Mike Arch for his work also in representing the PC at county level with David bringing his knowledge and expertise from his work with a previous PC. Mike is our Website editor. He also represents the Council on Highway matters.

Penny Bailey for her work in organising social events such as catering for the Beryl Behague Friendship tea and also taking charge and executing the wish list which helps us to organise our priorities.

Ange Grandfield for organising us for the Best Kept Village competition and any health and safety issues. Last but by no means least, thanks go to Bob Young, our PC Clerk of over 20 years for his continued administration of the PC. He has kept the finances in an excellent state, which has enabled the PC to proceed with some ambitious projects.

I must also thank our local businesses, contractors and organisations for their consistent and important contribution to the work of the PC and to those parishioners whose actions go unsung for their efforts in keeping our Village such as lovely place to live.

I would like to welcome Di Muir who has taken on a major project which we call the Riverside Development which will be looking at developing Goose Green into a walkway and park area. The area will importantly be suitable for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

We will participate again this year 2018 in the Best Kept Village. Last year we won second prize. The PC has done well in this competition consistently over the years thanks to all villagers who help to maintain and improve the area. This year we held the Village and Church Tidy Up on Saturday, 21st April. Unfortunately, I was unable to take part as I was away but Mike Arch and myself cleared litter from the Village Hall to The Foresters Pub and my wife and I cleared litter from Woodhouses to Trent Bridge prior to the main event. We collected fourteen bags of litter, car parts and road signs from these areas also, and there were nearly 30 bags in total.

It is such a shame that we still need to do this for the Village and surrounding roads. It is also with sadness that I feel compelled to mention that only eight villagers took part in this event on the 21st April, especially when so much effort goes into organising it by Kay; with bacon butties, tea, coffee and biscuits all supplied for free for the volunteers.

We will organise again for October and it would be great if more people would turn out to support.

Out of interest, I note that John German has started putting sponsors of Best Kept Village on their For Sale signs in Yoxall, which seems like an added benefit to me for all villagers in relation to property sales in the village!

The Precept Our precept was increased by a very modest amount this year. It is now just over twenty six thousand pounds. You will notice that your Council Tax Bill for this year has gone up by around one hundred pounds per year. The Parish Council tax has gone up by around fifty pence!

We continue to spend well in excess of our precept and yet stay in the black. This is thanks to our Councillors applying for grants and support of Alan Johnson and Julia Jessell and to Bob, our PC Clerk. Planning Planning continues to keep us busy.

Yoxall continues to attractive developers and so we need to stay vigilant that any additions to Yoxall are done thoughtfully and sympathetically. Our Neighbourhood Plan is still an essential piece of work to assist and support us in our efforts.

The use of the A515 by Heavy Goods Vehicles is still an important issue. Progress has been made which it is hoped will reduce the amount of HGV traffic through Yoxall. Some three hundred thousand pounds has been assigned to create new signage to the North and South of Yoxall. Diversion signs on the A50 and A38 at Sudbury and restriction signs at Woodend Lane at Curborough. This work should take place as part of the new financial year.

Parish Council representatives continue to work with County Council representatives on the twenty-one points suggested by the committees. There has been a recent opportunity to share and help buy a Speed Indicator. There has been a call for volunteers to man this device if we get it. This device would be a deterrent to poor driving by all vehicles using our road. To date, only one person has volunteered.

The Wish List The Village wish list keeps us on track for prioritising work needing to be done. Over the past year we have cleared the footpath adjacent to Alexandra Drive; renewed litter and dog fouling notices; renewed the burial ground footpath and hand rail; renewed the notice boards at Morrey, Wood Lane and Hadley End and kept the Village tidy.

A major project headed by Di Muir is the Riverside Development Scheme. This will include the trimming and removal of trees along the river in Swarbourne Meadow and Goose Green; drainage of Goose Green is to be improved and a walkway with landscaping will be undertaken. This will be very costly but we will work on finding the funds for this over the next couple of years. Future Projects include:-

Installing a Zebra Crossing on the northern aspect of the Village.

Acquiring the car park adjacent to St Peter’s Walk.

Installation of a barrier and tidying up on the old A515 at Milne Holme Pingle.

New waste bins for the Golden Cup and Victoria Street entrance to Alexandra Drive.

Creation of new post of Lengthsman (This was a term used in the Victorian times to describe a person looking after a certain length of road or area. Today it would be described as a Village Handyman. There are many villages and towns up and down the country that employ a Lengthsman).

Garden Bench installed in the churchyard in recognition of the services of Rev. Mal Hawksworth.

Eight new footpath fingerposts at various locations through the Village.

Entrance gates to the north, southeast and west of the Village.

We will also continue to fund flowers for the Village tubs and maintain Village properties. If you have any ideas on how our Village can be improved, please let us have your comments.

Philip Hughes (Parish Council Chairman).


County Counillor J Jessel gave a detailed report mentioning the following:-

Budgetary Controls at the County Council.

Social Care costs, including Children’s Services and the Elderly.


• Pothole repairs and additional funding made available. • Working with the Parish Council and Freight Forum regarding A515 and HGV’s.

Consultations undertaken to review footpaths and Bus Services and Routes.

Changes to the Library Service.

Regeneration of Burton-on-Trent.


Borough Councillor A Johnson reported the following:- The last year has once again been a busy year and has passed by really quickly. Planning issues have once again dominated the emails received from Yoxall residents; I hope I have been able to help most of those who have contacted me. I am committed to making sure that the policies made in our Neighbourhood Plan, you have set out in your Neighbourhood Plan, are adhered to.

I have spoken at Planning Committee on larger applications. The Council has continued to build on the experience it has gained over the past few years, supporting the significant programme of Neighbourhood Plans across the Borough. The Local Plan has already been tested many times, resulting in the turning down of spurious planning applications such as the ones from Gladman here in Yoxall.

The Council has begun to implement a Town Centre Regeneration Plan for Burton in conjunction with the County Council and the Chamber of Commerce. While this plan may take several years to complete in its entirety, we should see the first signs of improvement shortly with the announcement that the joint Councils will be moving forward with ambitious plans to significantly regenerate the pedestrianised area of Station Street in Burton Town Centre. The project will include the immediate uplift in the attractiveness of spaces for pedestrians in the town centre, including the installation of new paving and public realm infrastructure which will be installed to create a more modern, welcoming, safe and appropriate identity for the town centre while improving the town centre resident and visitor experience.

A pilot scheme has also been introduced to improve the flow of traffic into Coopers Square Car Park. It was decided to continue to provide the ‘free after three’ service on our Town Centre car parks, after a successful trial period. This enables free parking after three o’clock every afternoon. This has improved trading in the Town Centre in the late afternoon and helped bring more people into Burton in the evening.

New parking machines have been installed at Coopers Square, Burton Place and the Maltings, Uttoxeter. These new machines will allow options for both cash and card payments, improving the service for users of these car parks. Plans for the redeployment of the Bargates site in Burton Town Centre will shortly come before the Planning Committee.

ESBC has once again frozen Council Tax, an achievement that we are very proud of and is hopefully well received as this was a manifesto pledge at the last local Council elections!

ESBC Community and Civil Enforcement team have undertaken at least 11 new initiatives in the Borough to try to combat dog fouling, one of which I hope to introduce into Yoxall shortly, which is the installation of a poo bag dispenser to be sited in one of the worst affected areas of the Village.

The Council has continued to improve its waste collection, household recycling and street cleaning services. We have completed a Waste Collection Plan, increasing the fleet and crews to optimise waste collection rounds, addressing growth in the Borough and creating financial and operating efficiencies. I know the new collection day has been well received here in the Village, especially the Bank Holiday collections.

The Council has maximised income through effective collection rates for Council Tax and Business Rates, and reducing former years’ arrears. I have been able to continue to provide funding to the Village through the CCF Fund. I contributed toward the Wild Flower Seed Project and the purchase and installation of an outdoor seating bench, to commemorate the former Priest in Charge, Rev Mel’s contribution to Village life. This year I provided for the Village, and this year I hope to partially fund the tree work along the River Swarbourne to begin the regeneration project for Goose Green.

I hope in the final year of my term as your Borough Councillor to continue to support the Parish Council and local residents to the best of my ability.

6) FINANCE REPORT. The Parish Clerk circulated copies of the Receipts and Payments Schedule for the year ended 31st March 2018 and gave a review of the various receipts and payments for the year. He also gave details of the Public Works Loan Board Balance.


a) Open Spaces. D Hall reported the Parish Council continue to maintain Milne Holme Pingle.

b) Village Amenities. J Williams mentioned the following:-

Update regarding recruitment of Lengthsman (Handyman).

Dog Fouling – Problem when Contractor carries out grass cutting. Action of Enforcement Officer concerning Dog Fouling. Requested Parishioners to give details of Dog Fouling to a Parish Councillor.

c) A515, Roads, Pavements, Freight and Communities.

M Arch gave a detailed report mentioning the following:- Villages on the A515 involved in progressing concerns.  Large number of iniatives put forward including:-

• 30mph speed limit to be extended north of the Village plus 40mph and 50mph imits.

• Village Gates to be installed with Speed Limit signs. • Pedestrian Crossing request.

d) Village Hall. J Williams reported the following:

Hall well used. Well looked after by Gerald and Veronica Shorthouse, but sadly Gerald passed away recently.

e) Best Kept Village Competition. A Grandfield commented as follows:

Second last year in competition and hope to get back to first place this year.

Parish Council provided planting troughs for school children. Any help would be appreciated.

f) Footpaths. No matters reported.

g) Website. M Arch promised try to keep site up to date and change format to make interesting. Details of Neighbourhood Watch and Police details included.

h) Burial Ground. J Williams commented the Parish Council will keep the Burial Ground looking good.

i) Planning. R Keys reported the following:

This last year has seen three significant applications which have tested the Neighbourhood Plan. The two smaller applications at Bond End and at Weaverlake/Hadley Street both used surveys which drew negligible response from villagers and consequently had scant results which did not convince ESBC’s Planning Committee, leading to refusals. The third application required no survey, just sheer gall from Gladmans in returning with the same application that was refused on appeal over a year ago. This time Gladman chose to discredit the Local Plan as well as our Neighbourhood Plan, saying that both were out of date and out of step in meeting the National Housing crisis, which Gladman care so much about.

The Gladman application was refused on 24th April at ESBC Planning Committee, though I would not be surprised if they appeal again. I expect developers like Gladman to continue to be interested in Yoxall. We are an attractive Village in pleasant countryside, and whilst the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan allow a certain level of development in the Village, the size of scheme proposed by developers such as Gladman would totally overwhelm our infrastructure and facilities such as the school and Health Centre.

Developers will continue to argue that they are primarily meeting housing needs but as ever, that is not the whole story, and whilst the Neighbourhood Plan has set guidelines, we need in turn to have a firm understanding what the actual housing needs are in our community, and also to preserve the Village’s character as one of diversity of housing, large and small, for old and young, for families and single individuals; this can be achieved with careful planning and with the support of ESBC.

The only other significant application in the Village affects Lea Fields Farm yard where Lioncourt would like to develop eight new dwellings. The application has drawn objections to their proposal to demolish the brick barns adjacent to the Grade II Listed Farm House, and I gather that Lioncourt are reworking their application, but I do not know yet whether ESBC agree with our contention that the barns are an essential part of the site’s agricultural heritage. Watch this space.

The application shows another side of the Parish Council’s planning work in trying to protect the Village’s history as well as planning for the future. Long may that continue. Thank you.

j) Ferrers Field. P Hughes and J.williams commented that the Parish Council will maintain Ferrers Field to a good standard.

k) Riverside Regeneration. D Muir reported the following:

Undertake to re-vitalise Goose Green and Swarbourn Meadow. Review trees.

Drafted plan for Pathway, Orchard, Picnic Benches and access to the river.

National Forest, Woodland Trust and Staffordshire Wildlife assisting.

Reviewing Funding options.

Will take 2-3 years to complete. ➢ Wish to bring areas mentioned to life.


Enquiry regarding the number of cars allowed for each house in planning terms. R Keys commented need to consider main body of the Village and only planning reasons can be stated when commenting on a planning application. Warren Bradley enquired regarding several planning matters. R Keys said that ESBC were monitoring the situation. R Keys gave an update regarding Phase 2 Lioncourt Development and future of the Barns.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm.

P Hughes Chairman of the Parish Council