Minutes and Accounts.


Our responsibility for ensuring that there is a sound system of internal control, including arrangements for the preparation of the Accounting Statements. We confirm, to the best of our knowledge and belief, with respect to the Accounting Statements for the year ended 31 March 2018, that:

  1. We have put in place arrangements for effective financial management during the year, and for the preparation of financial accounting statements.  YES.
  2. We maintained an adequate system of internal control including measures designed to prevent and detect fraud and corruption and reviewed its effectiveness.  YES.
  3. We took all reasonable steps to assure ourselves that there are no matters of actual or potential non-compliance with laws, regulations and Proper Practices that could have a significant financial effect on the ability of this authority to conduct its business or manage its finances.  YES.
  4. We provided proper opportunity during the year for the exercise of ‘electors’ rights in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts and Audit Regulations.  YES.
  5. We carried out an assessment of the risks facing this authority and took appropriate steps to manage those risks, including the introduction of internal controls and/or external insurance cover where required. YES.
  6. We maintained throughout the year an adequate and effective system of internal audit of the accounting records and control systems. YES.
  7. We took appropriate action on all matters raised in reports from internal and external audit. YES.
  8. We considered whether any litigation, liabilities or commitments, events or transactions, occurring either during or after the year-end, have a financial impact on this authority and, where appropriate, have included them in the accounting statements.  YES.
  9. Trust Funds including charitable. In our capacity as the sole managing trustee we discharged our accountability responsibilities for the fund(s)/assets, including financial reporting and if required, independent examination of audit. N/A.

The Annual Governance Statement is approved by this authority and recorded as minute reference 145.

Dated 7/6/18. Signed by the Chairman and Clerk of the Meeting where approval is given.

                                                                                                     Year ending

                                                                                     31 March 2017       31 March 2018

  1. Balances brought Forward                                               3,005                    17,483
  2. (+) Precept or Rates and Levies                                     25,000                    26,368
  3. (+) Total other receipts                                                   34,622                    22,839
  4. (-) Staff costs                                                                    9,135                      9,262
  5. (-) Loan interest/capital repayments                                   838                        838
  6. (-) All other payments                                                    35,171                   45,597
  7. (=) Balances carried forward                                          17,483                   10,993
  8. Total value of cash and short term investments              17,483                   10,993

9.  Total fixed assets plus long term investments and assets  335,080               337,102

10. Total borrowings                                                                4,751                      4,184

I certify that for the year ended 31 March 2018 the Accounting Statements and Annual Governance and Accountability Return present fairly the financial position of this authority and its income and expenditure, or properly present receipts and payments, as the case may be.

Signed by the Responsible Financial officer – Minute Reference 146 dated 7/6/18


YOXALL PARISH COUNCIL  Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday, 7th February 2019 at 7.30pmin the Parish Hall, King Street, Yoxall

Present: P Hughes, D Muir, R Keys, M Arch, D Hall, J. Williams, P Kitt and P Bailey Also Present: Two Members of the Public, R Young, Clerk to the Council


1) APOLOGIES for absence were received from J Jessel, A Grandfield and A Johnson.

2) CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS. The Chairman, P Hughes, mentioned the following:-

➢ Precept for 2019-2020 – Modest increase on previous year.

➢ Litter Bin on Main Street vandalised and restored.

➢ J Jessel written to SCC regarding the state of the roads. ➢ Fingerposts installed.

➢ Bus Shelter.

➢ Details of missing picnic tables from Jerusalem Hill.

➢ Freight and Community Forum Meeting on the 28th January 2019 postponed.

➢ Needwood Forum Meeting held on the 24th January 2019. Nicola Swinnerton (SCC) will be able to advise regarding the River and footpaths.

➢ Church Gate Meeting – Improvement to footpath.

Gate entrances onto Goose Green. New buildings have not got permission, so developer can be asked to remove gates. Existing gateways must exist for 20 years and needs to have a purpose. Will discuss with developer that gates can be decorative (non-use).

➢ School Crossing Warden to be retained – No action for another year.

➢ War Memorial – Grant for £500.00.

➢ Thanked Mr & Mrs Gilhooly for work with the Town Lands Charity.

➢ Helen Allen passed away recently – Teacher at John Taylor School involved with “Live and Local”, plus contributed to Bowling Green and help with Dementia care. Great thanks for her help to the Community. Memorial Service to be held on Saturday, 16th March 2019. Helen Allen raised substantial funds for the Village and was a great organiser.

➢ Playground insurance indemnity – Cover refused by Zurich Insurance. Our insurers maintain insurance cover as confirmed by H Hovey of Came and Company in an email dated the 7th February 2019.

3) DECLARATION OF INTEREST to be made when subject is discussed or received during the meeting.


It was proposed, seconded and agreed to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd January 2019.

Resolved: To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd January 2019.

5) MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES. No matters were raised.

6) PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. No matters were raised.


a) Report of County Councillor J Jessel. This item was deferred until the next Parish Council Meeting.

b) Report of Borough Councillor A Johnson. This item was deferred until the next Parish Council Meeting.


a) Planning Applications Received

i) PAP/2018/1598. Snails End, Sudbury Road, Yoxall Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling and installation of new Septic Tank.

ii) PAP/2019/00069. South View, Savey Lane, Yoxall. Residential extension.

iii) PAP/2018/01406. Trentbridge Farm, Bond End, Yoxall Erection of two storey extension for the creation of additional office and meeting room (Class B1 Use) to the ground floor and additional first floor mezzanine floor space, together with erection of disabled WC on the ground floor and ancillary storage (Class B8 Use).

b) Planning Decisions

i) P/2018/01170. Wood View Cottage, Wood Lane, Yoxall Erection of a double garage with playroom/gym in roof space and enclosure of external staircase, amendments to previously approved scheme

P/2016/01477. Conditional Approval

c) Other Planning Matters. R Keys mentioned the following:-

➢ Lioncourt – Offer of Car Park and Open Space progressing. Also mentioned provision of a Maintenance Fund.

➢ Update regarding Leafields Farm Barns with access from St Peter’s Walk. The Parish Council to be involved and consulted with regard to several aspects.

➢ Planning Application by CTS at Bond End due to expansion wish to have storage and employee facilities.


a) Correspondence

➢ Staffordshire Police – Parish Council Meetings.

➢ Historic England – Arden Family War Memorial, Church of St Peter, Yoxall.

➢ SCC – My Staffordshire – February 2019.

➢ SPCA – Bulletin.

➢ SCC – Archives and Heritage Update.

➢ British Gypsum – Fauld Mine. ➢ Country Councillor J Jessel – Notes of Needwood Division Forum Meeting 24th January 2019.

➢ Tesco “Bags of Help” – Riverside Regeneration – Confirmation of Award for £1,000.

➢ S Morris (Keely’s) – Advice regarding Rights of Way. 10)


a) Open Spaces. No matters reported.

b) Village Amenities. J Williams reported the following:- Reviewed use of Barton Car Park as comparison regarding  St Peter’s Walk Car Park and possible wording of any signage.

Bus Shelter – Request for enhanced facilities. Commented that does not include seating and windows.

BKV. Children’s Posters attached to Board for inclusion in Bus Shelters. P Bailey commented the Bus Shelter is wonderful, however, some help needed for Senior Citizens and suggested Perspex windows, plus reduced seating for the elderly. R Keys commented we must give consideration for Senior members of the Parish. P Hughes agreed to review this matter.

c) Roads and Pavements.

During the last two years a considerable amount of work undertaken with the main aim to reduce HGV traffic through Yoxall, Kings Bromley and Draycott-in-the-Clay.  Following DFT approval, a series of turning bans are to be implemented on the 1st March 2019.

The bans will be Left and Right turn bans for HCV’s at: • Wood End Lane, Lichfield junction with A515. • Junction of A515 with A513 in Kings Bromley. • Junction of B5016 and A515 in Yoxall. Bases for signs have been installed, but are not visible. Installation of posts and signs will be completed by the end of February. There will be a review of the effectiveness of the bans after a period of six months.

In addition, Staffordshire County Council has successfully petitioned HS2 for improvements to Wood End Lane, the improvements to be delivered early in the HS2 programme. Once complete, it will allow the A513 and B5016 to be downgraded to lower classification roads with applications for weight restrictions to be considered favourably.

Traffic calming measures under a scheme entitled “Yoxall Gateway” will also be introduced. • Extension of 30 mph speed limits to the North and South of the Village. • Introduction of 40 mph limit at North end of Yoxall. • Traffic calming gates to be installed on the approaches to Yoxall. These measures will be implemented once the turning bans on the A515 have been completed.

Letters sent to over 60 hauliers advising the new turning bans.

Parochial Church Council are now considering moving the gate at the side back into the Church grounds. Architect to review to ensure it is safer when coming in or out of the Church grounds.

B5016 remains closed – P Hughes commented workmen are very considerate. The lane from the Forresters is in a state. Brought this matter to the attention of Richard Rayson.

Councillors reviewed the Yoxall Gateway options and decided on Option 2.

d) Village Hall. J Williams reported the following:-

ESBC requested use of the Parish Hall (Election) on the 2nd May 2019.

Replacement railings are in manufacture.

School have had heating problems – Hall being used as a classroom for several days.

e) Best Kept Village Competition. Abeyance until next Parish Council meeting.

f) Footpaths. D Muir commented regarding the footpaths off Victoria Street mentioned at last month’s meeting. Gave details of correct route and mentioned the stile had been repaired.

g) Website. M Arch reported the Website had been updated.

h) Burial Ground. J Williams reported the Burial Ground Fence had not been cut or similar but trampled down.

i) Ferrers Field. P Kitt reported the following:-

Ken’s Countryside Landscaping progressing with maintenance work. Received confirmation our insurers are maintaining cover for playground and equipment.

P Kitt gave an update regarding Yoxall Post Office.

j) Riverside Regeneration. D Muir reported the following:-

  • Tesco Bags Grant – Awarded £1,000 grant for third place.
  • ERDF application has been approved – granted £20k. Will involve a lot of meetings. Charles Trueman helping. Required to plan and become bio-diverse. Will have help and guidance from Staffordshire Wildlife and should be able to produce monitoring system. The Panel liked our application because project is in the centre of the Village and Community-based. Must account for all money and will take several years. Procedure is to make payments and provide copy of bank statement showing payment debit entry and then claim funding. ERDF enter into a legal contract.  Need to construct path as first part. Woodland Trust Offering trees. D Hall and P Hughes to walk Milne Holme Pingle.
  • 11) WISH LIST P Bailey mentioned the following:-  Wish List to be updated for 2019.
  • Dog poo dispenser units included on Wish List.  Speedwatch – Village seeking volunteers. Update regarding Young Parishioners and the Duke of Edinburgh Community Service.
  • 12) HEALTH AND SAFETY. Abeyance until the next Parish Council meeting.
  • 13) APPROVAL OF CHEQUES DATE CHEQUE NO. DETAILS  07/02/19 505511 V Shorthouse £268.72          07/02/19 505512 R Young £341.36
  • 07/02/19 505513 HMRC (PAYE) £173.00
  • 07/02/19 505514 Glasdons £152.03
  • 07/02/19 505515 Ken’s Countryside £5,631.00. 07/02/19 505516 M & R Electrical £246.00.
  • 07/02/19 505517 Cancelled 0.00
  • 07/02/19 505518 Cancelled 0.00
  • 07/02/19 505519 C Bebbington £62.00
  • TOTAL: £6,874.11
  • Resolved:To issue the above cheques.
  • 14) EXCLUSION OF THE PRESS AND PUBLIC The Chairman, P Hughes, requested the Press and Public to leave the Meeting.
  •  a) Town Lands Charity. Councillors considered the vacancy for a Parish Council representative to be appointed as a Trustee for the Yoxall Town Lands Charity. It was proposed (J Williams), seconded (P Bailey) to appoint P Hughes as the Parish Council representative for the Yoxall Town Lands Charity. Resolved: To appoint P Hughes as the Parish Council Representative for the Yoxall Town Lands Charity. The meeting closed at 9.10pm. P Hughes Chairman