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The date for the Christmas Tea has been set for 29th November 2019.

The next Village Clean Up will take place on 9th November. Volunteers are desperately needed to help the existing small band of hardy souls. For a village of over 2,400 residents, the number of helpers is extremely small – 10 at the last Clean Up. Please offer to help and contact Ange Grandfield (Number to be found under “Your Council” section.

Alan Johnson (Borough Councillor)  will be leaving on 20th December 2019. It will take a little time to elect Alan’s successor, who is expected to be in post by the end of January 2020.

It goes without saying that Alan has worked extremely hard for the residents of Yoxall, for which we are eternally grateful. We wish Alan and his wife all the very best for the future.

POST OFFICE CLOSURE. A potential applicant has dropped out. The post will be advertised in 2020. The Post Office is looking at the possibility of using local postmasters/mistresses and is canvassing appropriate individuals. Unfortunately there will be no resumption of post office facilities at the moment.

THE VILLAGE WAR MEMORIAL. An award of £500 has been made towards the cost of refurbishing the Memorial.



Yoxall Parish Council has embarked on a major environmental project to regenerate Goose Green and Swarbourn Meadow. It is being fronted by Parish Councillor Diana Muir. The Parish Council owns and manages Goose Green and Swarbourn Meadow for villagers to enjoy. 

The aim is to improve these areas for the village and provide a more user friendly facility that all local people may enjoy, particularly the elderly and very young.

St. Peters School will benefit as we plan to have a dedicated Forest School area near the centre of Goose Green. Yoxall Guides and Scouts have also welcomed the opportunity to use the Green once more.

The National Forest, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and The Woodland Trust have all given support to the project.

  • A drainage scheme  to overcome the water-logging has been completed. This was a significant and necessary first step in the development as a more usable area.
  • a well constructed path will be laid around the area with places to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings. It will be wheelchair and pushchair friendly.
  • tree planting has already taken place. New benches will be provided together with a community orchard to encourage more wild life.
  • improved screening for the adjacent houses and to encourage more biodiversity.
  • provision of an outdoor education area for young people to enjoy learning about their environment.

It will be a significant achievement to bring some life back to this area which is in heart of the community.


The pathway will now be installed within 2 months. Delayed due to temporary withdrawal of grant funding.

300 trees provided by the Woodland Trust which were planted with the help of local volunteers. All are doing well and the area around the trees will be trimmed shortly.

Yoxall Camera Club are recording the various stages of the work, so we hope to publish some visual updates in the coming months.

We are delighted with the progress made to date with this ambitious project. Diana is still looking for local residents with the necessary skills and availability to help her in the coming months. Diana’s contact details can be found under the section `”Your Council” of the website.

£7.5k grant from the Neighbourhood Fund.


DEMENTIA CARERS’ CLUB FOR YOXALL Yoxall has now been formally recognised as a Dementia Friendly Community.

  • Dementia Champions have been trained to deliver one hour information sessions to interested clubs and other organisations on request. Those receiving the guidance can then become identified as Dementia Friends.
  • The establishment of a Dementia Carers’ Club. This is aimed at spouses and family members caring for those with a Dementia within the village, and aims to bring them together on a friendly, informal and confidential basis to share knowledge, understanding and experiences, to provide mutual help, and to seek professional guidance when needed. This is being done in conjunction with our Yoxall Surgery which offers further information through their Carer’s Pack and the names of those to contact.
  • Implementation of the Community Action Plan continues.
  • Monthly steering group meetings held.
  • For information, contact Warren Bradley on 01543 473588.


Yoxall village has a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in place. It is managed online using Staffordshire Smart Alert to provide improved communications between the police and the public. Members of the Yoxall group will receive messages as and when news alerts are issued. To become a member of the scheme, visit the

  • Going on holiday, don’t facebook your holiday pics to friends.
  • Make sure your home looks occupied to deter would-be thieves.
  • Consider using timing switches for a radio and lights in different room when it goes dark. Ideally, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property.
  • Make arrangements for safe storage of valuables, computers etc. AND, before you depart, make sure your shed/garage are locked.
  • DON’T update Facebook and Twitter to say that you are away. 
  • Be on your guard. There have been reports of bogus officials targeting the elderly and vulnerable across the County. This can include doorstep crime, claiming to come from the council, waterboard or other organisations. Culprits often work in pairs. One keeps you talking at the front door whilst the other tries to access the back door or window. Staffordshire Police force is doing all it can to catch those responsible, however there are actions which villagers can take to combat the culprits. They include:
  • Keeping your house secure and the door chain on when answering the door.
  • Ensure windows are locked at all times and keys removed.
  • Don’t allow unsolicited callers into your home. Ask for a number you can use to verify their identity.
  • Never agree to have work done on your property by a stranger.
  • Never accept an offer from a stranger to drive you to a cash point.
  • If a call is aggressive, phone 999.

Never give personal information to organisations or people before verifying their credentials. Destroy and preferably shred receipts with your card details on them. Make sure that your computer has up-to-date software installed.

Staffs Smart Alert

Smart Alert is hosted by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and is one way you can receive community safety information and engage with local policing. The App. will deliver personalised information to your Mobile Device about Crime, Public Appeals, Public Events and lots of other great advice and tips.

For more information on the Staffs Smart Alert App please visit or search for “Staffs Smart Alert” in Google Play or the App Store.

My Staffs App.

Combines a host of services to help you. For example, you can access services from Police, Fire, Ambulance and your Local Council. Examples of the Services you can access are Register Births, Report Abandoned Vehicles, Fly Tipping, School Closures, Roadworks, Council Tax & Benefits and a lot more.

More information can be found at or to Download the App visit either the App Store or Google Play and search for “My Staffs”

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