Lioncourt (St. Peters Walk).

The developer asked the P.C. to take ownership of the frontages to Hadley Street as well as the car park. Transfer of the land to the P.C. would include a 10 year dowry to cover maintenance costs. The P.C. will only maintain the site and not take ownership, with the 10 year dowry being paid.

Solicitors are ironing out the final agreement which will need Staffs C.C. approval.

Lioncourt have confirmed that they will not be pursuing any further development in Yoxall and have abandoned the farm yard scheme, leaving Mr. Docksey to market the site for barn conversion. We are waiting for a formal application to be submitted.

Agricultural Land at Trent Bridge Farm, Bond End, Yoxall.

An application has been submitted to Staffs C.C. to extract sand and gravel in order to create a lake. The Parish Council has expressed concern that extraction of such a large amount of material could result in up to 40 additional HCV movements per day. We are seeking assurances that the village will not be inundated with additional HCV’s.  We are also asking whether there will be a road repair budget to cover any damage to local lanes/grass verges. The applicant has been asked to clarify the route to be taken given the turning bans now in place.

The Parish Council has also expressed concern that the proposed plans for landscaping the surrounding area thereafter are insufficient.

Finally we are asking that the applicant ensures that the proposed development does not endanger or harm the local environment.